Service Mini

Service Mini
Here at MJR Minimatt Ltd we offer full dealership level servicing for your Mini. Our team of expert technicians know the New Mini range inside and out, so you can rest assured your pride and joy is in the safest of hands.

We use the Mini Pass-Through System. This is what all Mini franchise dealerships use so we are able to carry out full adaptions of all vehicle modules and update your service history not only on Mini's online service history database but on your car's system too.

We use Castrol oil on all services which is dealer approved and give Castrol warranty on engine and components if service has been performed according to manufacturers advised intervals. We only use genuine filter elements and the service performed by us does not invalidate the dealers' warranty on your vehicle.

All our services include complimentary Health check and diagnostics scan of your vehicle

Below are the dealership service levels and what each involves:

Oil Service
> Change engine oil and oil filter.
> Check the thickness of the front and rear brake pads.
> Check handbrake condition, travel and adjust.

Inspection I - in addition to the Oil Service content:
> Safety checks including lighting, electrical systems, steering and braking components.
> Full diagnostic scan and report to identify any underlying issues.
>Check for roadworthiness including tyres, battery, coolant and fluid levels and additional vehicle checks.
> Replace the air filter element.

Inspection II – in addition to the Oil Service and Inspection I content:
> Replace spark plugs (petrol models)
> Replace microfilter/pollen filter for heater/air conditioning.
> Replace fuel filter (diesel models)
> Replace Poly V belt.

Coolant change
> Coolant renewed every four years.
> Approved anti-freezing and anti-corrosive agents provide optimum functionality of the cooling systems. They reduce the freezing point in colder months and prevent the boiling of the coolant in warmer months.
> Coolant changes cost from £40.00 including VAT.

Brake pads/discs replacement
> Wearable components within brakes are maintained to ensure high braking performance and safety.
> Clean brakes and replace brake pads.
> Check the surface and thickness of brake discs, and replace them if necessary.

> Statutory inspection for vehicles three years and older.
> Annual check comprising of over 150 safety-related items and emission system tests.
> Items checked include headlights, steering, brakes, suspension, seats/seatbelts, windscreen/wipers, VIN, doors and wheels/tyres.
> We offer MOTs at £55 including VAT.

30-Minute Mini Health Check

The service intervals for Mini are 15,000 miles but if you have just bought a Mini and are unsure of its history and condition or just want to make sure your car is running in tip-top condition between services; our expert technicians will give your car a 30 Minute Mini Health Check. While they are hard at work relax in our comfortable waiting room with HD television, free Wi-Fi and complimentary tea and coffee.

> Items checked include lights, warning lights, wiper blades, antifreeze, coolant levels, engine oil levels, clutch hydraulics, drive belt, tyres brakes, steering and exhaust.
> Covers important minor regular checks to ensure your Mini is running in fine fettle.
> A full report will be given and any necessary repairs will be advised accordingly.
> The 30-Minute Mini Health Check is £40 including VAT.

Brake Fluid
> Replace brake fluid; brake fluid is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture) and so its performance deteriorates over time.
> Replacement brake fluid reduces corrosion of ABS components as well as maintaining braking performance.
> Brake fluid should be changed on a two-year cycle.
> A brake fluid change costs £60 including VAT.

Mini Service Prices*

***All prices are FROM and include VAT***

Mini One Petrol

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £320.00

Mini Cooper Petrol

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £320.00

Mini Cooper S Petrol**

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £335.00

Mini One Diesel

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £320.00

Mini Cooper D Diesel

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £320.00

Mini Cooper SD Diesel

Oil Service: £175.00
Inspection I: £215.00
Inspection II: £350.00

*Prices are subject to change with correction-based servicing.

**Vehicles fitted with the John Cooper Works air box £25 including VAT will be added to accommodate air filter cost.